One thought on “How to Select a MSP”

  1. Charles, as an owner of a Twin Cities, Minnesota MSP for nearly 20 years, I’d add this perspective.
    1. Our niche is small businesses, and my observation is that one of the last things a small business owner/executive wants to think about is IT. He/she is a daily “fire fighter,” and likely is least comfortable with IT, amongst all the company’s functional areas.
    2. Thus, an MSP is most likely to hear from a potential new client only after a “Pearl Harbor” event…something so important (bad) in the IT arena that it simply can’t be ignored.
    3. For 20 years clients have offered me the feedback that selecting an IT vendor is one of the most difficult tasks they face. IT websites are filled with “industry speak,” gobblygook vague tech jargon that poorly communicates what a vendor does that sets him apart.
    4. We have a solid list of references, perhaps the very best way to check out an IT vendor. But I am still amazed at how infrequently clients take advantage of it.

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