One thought on “M&A Tips for MSP Sellers”

  1. Michael Gerber of E-Myth fame has always been saying that you build your business to sell it. Because if you don’t sell it, that means YOU bought it and have to live with it. So it is a good strategy to see what buyers want and use that wish list as your goal list to improve all the areas of your business to be ready to “sell”, or to live with it. I attend the M&A webinars and seminars to learn what buyers want so I can build that list. I have done sales in other industries in the past and payments are not guaranteed. So I like the suggestion of not doing long term payouts, but they can tell you on the first payment; “take me to court”. Are you ready for that? To only get a down payment, and promissory notes? Make your business profitable, build it to “sell” with the intent of keeping it and every three years you get your money back and you still have the goose that lays the golden eggs. Invest in documentation, systematization and automation so you can be profitable and don’t have to sell. Consider that as a potential “exit” strategy.

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