2 thoughts on “Managed Workplace Sold to Barracuda”

  1. Managed Workplace was the first , real RMM tool our company deployed back in 2005-6. Back then, all the other RMM tool companies wanted you to buy a bunch of client licenses right from the get go, whether you needed them or not. MW only charged you for the licenses you deployed, so it was much more affordable to get started as an MSP, which is why I think they had such great success early on. It was even largely a hosted solution, so no infrastructure to invest in!
    I was even on their advisory board for a while, even after the sale to AVG. I met a lot of good people there who I still consider friends. Unfortunately, after the AVG acquired it, they let the product languish while competing RMM vendors invested in improving their product. Like a lot of other faithful MW users, we finally had to move on to something more robust to keep up with the market. It was too bad because in at it’s prime, it was a great product with a lot of potential.

  2. This is so true!
    I got involved with AVG and they really tried hard to sell it to me.
    But they wanted a commitment to many licences and it was out of our reach.
    We needed a monthly pay as you go as it used to be. AVG would not offer that. And if Barracuda don’t, that will rule me right out.
    We tried NinjaRMM which was great until they price hiked by around 20%. Bye Ninja!
    By the time they realise that so many people will cancel and they start over with the more sensible pricing, it will be too late. If… people like Barracuda get the pricing structure right.
    Right now, we don’t use RMM at all. We are not big enough to warrant it. So, we need entry-level pricing and sensible purchase models.

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