One thought on “MSPWorld Preview: MSPs as Targets”

  1. Charlie,
    I’ve always thought that the single pane MSP console would be a highly efficient exploit into multiple companies. For that matter even the RMM solution providers and MSP software providers are suspect. Who is watching the chicken master who is watching the chickens. What are their hiring policies and internal controls? Perhaps an independent certification of TCI. I’ve approached my MSP vendor NinjaRMM and I think they are doing the right thing with 2fa and Yubikey authentication but how do I really know what’s happening at home base. We tell customers that they need to trust somebody at sometime but trust is earned not entitled. I don’t think we can trust without verification today. From what I gathered with this issue although no fingers have been pointed at any providers, it was really big players like IBM that allowed the compromise. Us little guys keep a really tight watch on the NOC/SOC decreasing the probability that this can happen. Still we need to raise the bar and all of us MSP need to move the bar up to become MSSPs.

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