5 thoughts on “When the Press Gets it Wrong About MSPs”

  1. I agree that clients with MSP support are safer than those without. The problem is that whatever an organization calls itself, I am certain the press and general public will lump all IT service providers in the same deplorable category as risky.
    – I agree, as an industry and profession we need to get out in front of this problem:
    – We need to send a message to our peers that they need to focus on security and get secure.
    – We need to police ourselves as a profession
    – We need to publicize how these breaches are occurring so we all know how to better protect our firms and our clients
    – We need to get data that despite these publicized breaches that MSP clients are safer than non-MSP clients
    MSP Alliance serves in a unique position to facilitate this effort.

    1. Oli – you and I have been around this industry since the very beginning. This is a unique issue we have not really faced before.

      I would like to remain optimistic that this is a fixable problem. But, we can’t fix it unless we identify it as a problem and resolve to address it.

      1. I agree. We need to push ourselves and our peers to higher security standards.

        We need to get the positive stories out there about how MSPs protect their clients. In the past month we have saved two clients from certain doom had it not been for Alvaka Networks spotting the cyber problem and interceding promptly. We need stories like this to counter the stories in the Houston Chronicle. For every PM dental MSP they profile we can point to thousands of MSPs who are helping their clients avoid disaster.

  2. The bad press I warned about is starting to happen.

    Here is an article from the Houston Chronicle. I heard there is another story coming in the Los Angeles Times. Up until now it has only been a couple of stories in IT industry press.

    Just wait until the issue gets picked up by the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and the nightly news. We are in big trouble if we as an industry don’t get our arms around this.

    Here is a HARO inquiry I got this morning. HARO is a service to match reporters with subject matter experts. Obviously this guy is writing a story, too.
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